Many activities in association management happens once a year and in few occasions two or three times a year. Like opening up registration, it takes 100s of small tasks that need to be done in the right sequence and always involves a checklist of things to do for each task. Once the registration is open the next time the same set of tasks need to be repeated is for the next year conference. And when that time comes in a year, you have to find the notes that were scribbled in multiple places to remember all the tasks, and recollect all the details of performing each task.

We understand that it takes multitude of steps to run an association each year but the steps are often always repeated each year.

The Activity Planner comes with a library of tasks involved in association management and gives you the flexibility to create a template schedule. The planner sends you timely reminder to perform the steps based on the schedule and allows you to update status and capture notes. Each task in the schedule can be customized to have individual checklist so you can track progress until a task is completed.

And the best part, you can copy the schedule for next year with a single click. Manage your association stress free. Spend time building relationships with board and committees without worrying about planning and completing to-do items.