Growth is often the primary goal for an Association Management Company (AMC).

It is growing an association’s membership. It is growing the attendance in a conference. It is growing the number of associations managed by the AMC.

Growing association’s membership and its conference attendance will help existing clients.

Success stories with existing clients help build quals and attract new clients.

We understand the importance of growth and designed the integrated all-in-one joyn association management software to be an enabler of growth.

Like, it enables members to renew membership or non-members to become a member while registering for a conference. Conference registration is a great opportunity to up-sell member benefits or cross-sell complimenting trainings, webinars or pre-conference events.

To be nimble and creative to the trending requests from your association leadership, you need a partner in technology. Our joyn AMS flex itself to your association needs and our team will be in lock step with you to impress your client.

“We worked with our current membership and conference software provider, joyn, to develop the ability to provide a virtual poster presentation session that provided digital poster viewing with links to allow for real-time science discussions.”
– Sarah Timm, CEO, Parthenon Management Group AMC
The quote is from the eBook published by PMG. You can access it here.

Reduce operational cost and increase bottom line.

Digital transformation concept.