Why AMS?

Unified Solution

AMC’s focusing on full service and/or specialized service management look for one software that integrates various business processes. Our Unified Solution converge all your needs in one product.

No Hardware. No Software.

On the CLOUD. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution enable AMCs to focus on serving their clients.

Be a Trusted Advisor

Be a trusted advisor to your association by providing timely information, data driven decisions, and well-structured operation. In addition, gain members loyalty by offering one access to wealth of information and keeping it simple for them.

Connected Data

Members data grow and expand rapidly. Centralizing the data that connect membership, abstracts, registration, committees, activities, payments, awards, etc. about a member in one place is critical.

Stay Ahead

Achieve competitive advantage among AMCs by being the leader in adopting the first ERP solution in the industry. Promote your brand by providing tangible value to your members.

Reliable System. High Performance. Data Integrity

Supported by Amazon 99.95% uptime guarantee on the cloud. High performance server capable handling over 5000 concurrent users on any day. Data Integrity guaranteed with scheduled backups and our dedicated support.