As an executive director managing an association, you are often working with minimal support structure and serve as the chief cook and the bottle washer. If you are using different software for membership, registration, abstract collection/review, coordinating with committee, sending communications, etc, it will be overwhelming to keep up with each system.

Wouldn’t it make it easier if all these systems could be integrated into one?

With joyn association management software, you can retire 5+ applications and get a 360 degree view of an individual, including profile data, payment history, previous conference attendance, abstract submissions, continuing education, committee information, e-mail correspondence history, etc,. all-in-one system.

Ease of mind is what we are offer.

The joyn association management software follows the 80-20 model in which 20% of the product is customized to your association’s specific needs.

Associations are about people, community, and connections. We developed our support model on the same foundations.