Legislator Search

Search and find House Representative and Senator with integrated pages on your association website and ensure accurate representation of your location and legislative bills effective for that location.

Government Relations Tracking

All-in-one joyn association management software track all members and non-members relationship with House Representative and Senator within the membership database. Through built-in reporting and historical data engage and leverage resources available within the association.

Contact Legislators

Allow members and non-members to send a communication to legislators from with your association website through our integrated solution.

Track Member Participation

Educate and promote legislative bills on your association website and collect members and non-members response to the bill within joyn association management software membership management module.

Membership Management

Membership Management delivers a robust solution for managing your most important stakeholders, your members. This module also includes support for prospects and other non-members. Key features include the following:

  • Member Profiles*,
  • Member Billing and Renewals,
  • Committee Management,
  • Custom Activity Management,
  • Standard APIs for Website Integration, and
  • Financials with QuickBooks Integration.

* Note: Our seamless integration with other modules provides ‘one-stop’ access to each person’s committee memberships, payments, registration history, submissions, awards, and education hours (CMEs).

Conference Management

Conference Management fully integrates with our Member Management module and includes the following features:

  • Conference Registration,
  • Online Itinerary Planner,
  • Conference Mobile Apps,
  • Conference Materials for Publishing,
  • Post-Conference Evaluations, and
  • Education Hours.

Abstract Management

Our Abstract Management module delivers comprehensive ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Functionality for individual and multi-participant submissions. This robust functionality supports the most demanding submissions, review, and selection processes with ease.  Key features include the following:

  • Abstract Submissions,
  • Abstract Reviews,
  • Selection Process,
  • Travel Awards,
  • ePoster Gallery, and
  • Reporting.