> Single platform hosting all clients

> Modular design with common data

> Scalability with peace of mind


Modular Technology

Our modular design enables AMC staff to specialize in different areas, while seamlessly managing multiple associations. This increasesefficiency, reduces cost, and delivers more consistent outcomes. Paired with our Task Management module, your staff can achieve new levels of productivity and coordination.

Responsive Team

What happens when your largest association has an urgent need? With our configurable software and flexible architecture, you can say ‘yes’ to more requests. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in delivering the best experience to your clients.

I LOVE YOUR SITE. In my humble opinion, it should be a template for every conference. It is so easy to navigate and everything is in plain view. I am so very impressed.
– Senior Manager at medical conference


“We worked with our current membership and conference software provider, joyn, to develop the ability to provide a virtual poster presentation session that provided digital poster viewing with links to allow for real-time science discussions.”
– Sarah Timm, CEO, Parthenon Management Group AMC
The quote is from the eBook published by PMG. You can access it here.
Technology as a Differentiator
Your Technology Partner
Maximize Operational Efficiency
Do you manage associations with diverse needs?

Large associations require more services than smaller ones. Our modular design enables you to serve associations that have basic to complex needs.

Are you looking for more than just a software vendor?

As your technology partner, we provide a range of services that extend beyond AMS offerings. We can support all of your backoffice IT needs.

Are you working with multiple software vendors?

Reduce technology spend through consolidation and scaling. Leveraging our ‘pay for usage’ model, you can provide the highest quality service at low cost.